Montana Real Estate School Online Reviews

Online reviews are important because they give students a guide on which schools offer the best training and are certified to offer pre-licensed and post license courses. Regardless of where you are in your career, you must meet the minimum requirement of 18 years and be a citizen in Montana.

Take your time to research information about your proposed school to get details about their programs, facilitators, and rating by previous students. If you want to begin a new career in real estate, the safest places to check is the internet. Many schools offer virtual classes that could be taken remotely or on schedule.

Montana Real Estate School Reviews

4 Powerful Tips to Prepare for School Online

These few tips below would help you to be successful in your online studies.

1. Make Study Enjoyable- Knowing what works for you and how best you enjoy study is important. Even though you have been a student for long, understand that the only constant thing is change. So, help yourself!

2. Manage Time Carefully- Set a schedule and follow it to keep you organised. Are you considering making your study easier? You can set alarms to keep you organized and know when assignments are due, as well as classes. This would help you to be consistent in your goals and eventually reach your targets.

3. Take Notes– All of my books through my college were e-books, and I use digital text for reading. I sit at my computer and use my headphones to listen to the book as I follow along, highlighting important points. When finished, I go over it and write all the important points in outline format using pen and paper. This helps me retain the information. Doing this has been vital for my study time.

4. Ask Questions- Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand. No man or woman is an Island. If there are things you do not understand, just ask. Your tutors are ready to help you, but failure to ask questions is what may eventually make it more difficult. Alternatively, you can pair with a friend if it still appears confusing or difficult.

Analyzing Montana Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

The choice of real estate schools online is usually based on the reviews of others who have experienced their teaching programs and learnt in their facilities. Some online reviews will criticize the schools constructively, while comments from others may discourage prospective students from registering with them. All in all, a review should access uncertainty, and the issue of authenticity.

Montana Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

Montana Online Real Estate Schools 4.2

4.2/5 Average Rating of Montana Schools
2597 Total Reviews

Are you looking forward to starting your online studies, but are confused about which school to go? Search no more, as there are numerous online sources that provide you with such information. If you had previously participated in an online program, you will discover that the bulk of the reviews you find are written online. There are online sources you can check for reviews about a school and the services they claim to offer. Generally, schools are advised to get as many reviews as possible; this implies that some review websites will be more popular than others.

It is worthy to take note of popular and reputable review websites. Online schools may not be able to control the damage of negative comments from students who did not get satisfactory service for their money. Some of the sites to find reviews about businesses include: Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Yelp. This means if you want to be a real estate agent in Montana, you can confirm from different sources on the most reliable and authentic school in the city. Certainly, the best of real estate schools are not difficult to find. All you need is to search on Google and you will get results!

Using Several Sources for Montana Online Real Estate School Reviews

Many people wonder about the big deal about online reviews. So, what does it actually mean? It has been recorded that over 93% of customers search the internet for real reviews before purchasing a product or service. The big deal is that incredible schools have little or no good reviews from students.

Overall, a good online school should be trusted, with multiple sources confirming their credibility and giving a great insight into the kind of service expected or information you can bank on.

Top 2 Real Estate Schools Online in Montana

OnCourse Learning and 360 Training are the best real estate schools online. Many real estate agents within and around the city of Montana register for pre-license and post-license courses in these areas. Although they serve the same purpose, they also have their competitive advantage which distinguishes them from another. In reality, a good real estate school should afford you time, resources, opportunities, as well as a great deal of flexibility. Whether you are a young professional, returnee, or a consultant in the real estate industry, there are always programs that suit your interest and can help you accelerate your career.

1. 360 Training

360 Training Real Estate Logo
4 stars

4.01/5 Rating (131 Reviews)

The real estate market in Montana is booming, and there is a great need for exceptionally qualified real estate agents. According to the board of realty in Montana, only licensed practitioners can help families find their dream homes, negotiate various deals for home sellers or carry out any form of business in good conduct. There are over a million reasons why you should choose to train at 360 training. Basically, their online courses are easy; this is because they are self-paced, mobile-compatible courses are so convenient, and you can take it anytime with a good connection to the internet. When you take courses with them, you are guaranteed 24 hours student support, which is fast, convenient, and 100% online. Immediately after completion, you earn your certification on your student profile page.

360 Training is certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, which regulates and enforces the law by the Government agencies or other regulatory bodies that provide registrations and licenses. This means that they have attained the highest standards in terms of quality from the Real Estate License Law Officials. Some of the course content includes: ownership rights, land use, leasing, appraisal, financing, deeds, and others too numerous to mention.

2. Cooke Real Estate School

Cooke Real Estate School Logo
4.5 stars

4.79/5 Rating (28 Reviews)

The Cooke Real Estate School was started back in 1972, which makes it one of the oldest course providers in Montana. It’s also surprising how few reviews there for a school that has been around that long, which is why we have it ranked #3 despite having the highest overall rating.

The courses available at Cooke do have some of the best modules available, giving their students the best opportunity to succeed. All chapters and sessions are recorded video presentations that are available for online streaming. Internet based education platforms, interactive flashcards are some of the other features available. Cooke is a licensed provider in MT and provides students a companion textbook for all of their courses.

What You’ll Need to Do After You’re Done With Montana Real Estate School Online

It’s definitely exciting thinking about a new career, especially with the potential to earn six-figures. Before you start showing homes and cashing commission checks it’s important to make sure you take the proper steps. Montana requires licensed salespeople to be at least 18 years old and completed the 10th grade in high school. Assuming you meet these minimum requirements you’ll need to complete the required 60 hours of coursework from an accredited school and pass the real estate exam.

While the coursework and exam may be “hard part”, you’re not done yet. You’ll need to get a broker affiliation, which is a licensed broker that will sponsor you. It’s not too different from an apprenticeship, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry. Finally, you’ll apply to get your own broker license.