Washington Real Estate School Online Reviews

Online reviews are important to both students and businesses. In choosing a school for online studies, priority is usually given to schools with more positive online reviews, satisfactory student attendance, and rating. While the attendance number shows the popularity of the school, the rating of the school shows the overall classification and rank in comparison with others.

Washington Real Estate School Reviews

Many websites and social media platforms publish reviews by previous students who have either taken pre-license or post-license courses; and have endorsed their credibility.

Whether you are beginning an online school or a new career in real estate, it can be very exciting and rewarding. However, there are several requirements to fulfil, but the main ones being the age and the citizenship.

4 Effective Tips to Study for School Online

Here are some tips I have shared below that could help your online study.

1. Make Study Enjoyable- I believe there is no best way of studying. Understanding how you study and what works for you or promotes your focus should be of paramount importance. For example, if a particular tea keeps me alert at night, I take it while studying to keep me at alert, you should consider doing that frequently while studying.

2. Ask Questions- Never be tired of asking questions. The more you ask is the more you know. Even when you struggle with a question you are not familiar with, it will be deceitful to convince yourself that you know better. Always ask for help from your teachers and your peers.

3. Make a Study Plan- Make a study plan for yourself and be intentional about it. Try to organize your online class timetable, personal study hours, and group study hours. It is highly recommended that you dedicate at least four hours a day if you are involved in online classes.

4. Limit Social Media- I am pretty sure it’s possible to be lost in the fun of social media, and eventually lose track of your study goals. In the real world, there are enough distractions; and because of this, I try to limit distraction from the virtual world by limiting the time I spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. In some cases, I resolve to deactivate them from my phone, especially when it seems like they are beyond my control.

Assessing Washington Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

There are numerous ways you can access Washington real estate schools online reviews. It could either be accessed on Google, Facebook, real estate websites, or other third party websites. Some real estate bloggers also provide advice on choosing schools based on rating, facilitators, and the support they provide their students.

Washington Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

Washington Online Real Estate Schools 4.74

4.74/5 Average Rating of Washington Schools
14615 Total Reviews

If you are searching for online schools in Washington, the best approach would be to rely on websites and social media for trusted and current information. While many schools offer both offline and online services, a lot of them are also able to offer a great deal of flexibility to professionals.

It is a good idea to leave online schools reviews about their services and products which would be useful to other businesses. To get trusted reviews, you should consider visiting sites that offer a great deal of information on the subject matter. For example if you need to get information about registering for an online course, you should search for online sources with quality resources for virtual learning and the top schools considered.

To begin this, make a list of schools you would love to attend, and select your three most preferred choices. Take your time to search the internet on websites that provide you with such information about the rating of the school, reviews, tutors, the modules they offer, and how flexible their programs are.

Never take a chance on a school you have never checked out or reviewed. Many schools put up fake comments on their websites to attract new students.

Using Different Sources for Washington Online Real Estate School Reviews

Better insight into real estate schools can be obtained online. Firstly, you can consider checking different social media of that particular real estate school, to know what their students feel about them. Secondly, you can also try review sites such as indeed; as they may provide the average rating of the school along with the total review count; which could be used to assess the various schools. All in all, you should check different online sources that are known and trusted to provide credible information and insights.

Top 4 Washington Online Real Estate Schools

Every year, many real estate professionals from within and around Washington get certified with the best educational license programs in the city. These online schools offer several programs that help students, brokers, or professionals in acquiring their certification. With the real estate programs, a lot of people are able to launch their careers successfully and progressively in the real estate industry. For example, students who want to be licensed are required to take pre-license courses and thereafter apply for their certification exams. In Washington, there are three major real estate schools providing certificates which are detailed below.

1. AceableAgent

AceableAgent Logo
4.5 stars

4.87/5 Rating (11888 Reviews)

AceableAgent is one of the most popular and highly rated real estate schools. The course for getting a Washington real estate license online has just been released. We expect it to be the same standard of quality that we’ve come to expect from this company. Aceable has nearly a perfect 5 star rating, mostly because of the great content, quality video segments, and a competitive price.

Over 85% of students end up passing and earning a real estate license with AceableAgent.

2. Colibri Real Estate

colibri logo 600
4.5 stars

4.4/5 Rating (768 Reviews)

Colibri Real Estate features the best and most recognized of all real estate schools in Washington. They have a career switch kit that can help you examine if you are at the right stage to switch your career. With a minimum of 40% discount, they provide online learning and well developed courses which are accredited by Acrello and Idecc. Many people from Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue and the neighborhood take courses with them. They promise a money back guarantee on their courses if you are not satisfied with their services, as well as exam simulation and regular opportunity to talk with an expert.

The opportunity to access prep master courses, constant support and professional membership, depending on your chosen course, is highly laudable. They have the highest reputation for student satisfaction, rating, flexibility and award-winning instructors with over 80 years of experience in the field of real estate. Whether you are registering for the basic, exam prep, exam prep plus, or ultimate learning, Colibri Real Estate remains the way forward. With the referral option, they offer a pass or don’t pay guarantee, plus a 90 day bootcamp taught by Sherri Johnson. In comparison with their offline classes, you can learn at your pace, which is very affordable.

3. Mbition to Learn

Mbition to Learn Logo
4 stars

4/5 Rating (147 Reviews)

If you are looking for a way to become a real estate agent in Washington, Mbition to Learn (formerly Oncourse Learning) offers you both online courses and exam prep packages. As a real estate school, they provide courses on both pre-license and post-license courses. Their classes target both new entrants, brokers, sales agents, as well as continuing education courses. Their courses are approved by the state and federal government agencies, and as such they have a reputable management system alongside with excellent learning modalities readily available. Mbition is known for fresh content and new developments.

As a learning organisation, they promise total compliance. They are known for their unique history, excellent customer service support, along with being friendly and highly responsive. With unique experience, their brands offer the best learning support. The program has helped over 750,000 professionals to enter into the real estate industry, plus engaging students for over 100 years of combined and real-time experience and across five states. Reviews from previous students shows that the classes are quick and friendly, and highly recommended to prospective students looking to build a new career in real estate. The only disadvantage is that they do not offer much scholarships in comparison to Colibri Real Estate.

4. 360 Training

360 Training Real Estate Logo
4 stars

4.01/5 Rating (131 Reviews)

Washington Real Estate course at 360 Training will introduce you to the real estate industry. Learners and real estate professionals are fast considering a career in real estate and taking a full turn with 360 training. You will have the opportunity of gaining knowledge on contracts, personal property, real estate concepts, as well as ownership and land use.

Ideally, they make their students go through a series of thought-provoking classes on partnerships, contracts, deeds, titles, and fiduciary duties. The course synopsis includes valuation and appraisal approach, which are fundamental to your success as a real estate agent; which gives them a better advantage in comparison with their peers on the subject of financing. With this course, you would explore topics such as: mortgages, markets, lenders, and lending regulations.

Users have rated their courses as one of the best in the city; and as such, they are beginning to experience a surge in the population of their students; with over 500,000 students certified worldwide.

Some of the reasons why students choose them are: easy courses, faster education, 100% virtual classes, user friendly, supportive tutors, and relevant training content at your own pace. Another recognized feature is their career section to cater for students and professionals ready to gain industry insights as well as experience to solidify their training.

What To Do After You Finished Online Washington Real Estate School

On completing the Washington real estate online school, you should get yourself familiar with the requirements needed to apply for the license.

Firstly, you must be at least 18 years of age, and have obtained your high school diploma or an equivalent certification.

Secondly, to satisfy the requirements of Educational Real Estate License, complete the 90 hours education course within a given period of two years prior to your application for the exam.

Thirdly, proceed to carry out the necessary background checks, which are getting ready to answer criminal history questions and provide the necessary documentations, and your fingerprints.
After completing the above steps, you should proceed to take the real estate license examination, which is made up of 100 multiple questions and an average time of 3.5 hours. Finally, file your application online for consideration through the Department of Licensing. Click here to know more or visit the online system.