Iowa Real Estate School Online Reviews

Iowa Real Estate School Reviews

Picture this scenario – you’ve landed a new client, immediately hit it off, are aligned on precisely what they want, find them a dream home, and close the sale with a handshake and a new friend. This sounds like a dream scenario, but it’s more real than you’d imagine. Good real estate agents experience these types of situations monthly at their jobs. In Iowa, the market is booming, and situations like this await with cities like Waukee, Asbury, Bondurant, and Grimes leading the way.

Making six figures selling real estate in Iowa is real and attainable. Personality drives the way, but the first step is a license. A winning personality and big smile will only get you so far. A real estate license is a must for selling in Iowa, and the most efficient route to getting one is online.

4 Surefire Tips to Study for School Online

We know what you’re thinking – going to school online isn’t “real school,” is it? You bet it is, and in fact, the reputation of online schools has improved dramatically. The beginnings were a bit rough, but the kinks have been worked out, and succeeding online is within everyone’s grasp. The following are four, surefire tips for online success.

1. Beat Deadlines – We love this first one because it applies to everything in life (real estate school included). There is nothing worse than working under a rushed deadline. We’ve all felt it, but worse yet, we continue to bring it on ourselves. You can beat deadlines, though, by simply changing them. That project due on Wednesday is now due on Tuesday. Get in the habit of getting things done early, and your life will be much more stress-free.

2. Manage Time Carefully – A critical key to online learning, effectively managing your time while both in class and studying will put you on a path for success. However, this is easier said than done. It is undoubtedly easier to fall into bad habits when studying online as opposed to in-class learning. In many ways, you’re your own boss. But if you stick to a routine and carve out specific hours in the day to work on things, progress is possible, and you’ll reap the rewards.

3. Use Online Resources – Perhaps the most significant value added to any student (online or in-person) is the available resources. Libraries are great. In fact, the college library can be a happening spot. But using online resources to find complementary information and help cement concepts is an extreme value-added. Generations prior didn’t count on something nearly as powerful. You’ve already got a leg up, so use online resources to your advantage.

4. Make Study Enjoyable – The best advice of all – make it enjoyable! Studying doesn’t have to be a drag. Mix in some breaks, form study groups, have some laughs and keep the environment light. Productivity will come, and while discipline and good habits are all necessary, being able to take breaks when you feel tired to ensure you’re focused on the long-term goal is all a part of the larger process.

Assessing Iowa Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

Website reviews are one of the best ways of arriving at informed decisions surrounding nearly anything these days. In fact, it’s tough to imagine how all this worked before reviews. Word-of-mouth played a significant role, and it still does. But word-of-mouth only goes so far. The ultimate objective is gathering tons of “words-of-mouth” to arrive at an intelligent decision.

Iowa Real Estate Schools Online Reviews

Iowa Online Real Estate Schools 4.55

4.55/5 Average Rating of Iowa Schools
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The most significant barrier to using online reviews is our own laziness. Sadly, many folks will collect reviews from one site and one site only. This is normal; we don’t want to be bothered with having to click on something else! The problem with this strategy, however, is you’re receiving a small sample size. Small sample sizes provide limited analysis, and limited analysis can lead to bad decision-making.

Once you’ve branched out and retrieved reviews from other sources, the next step is weeding out the unreliable ones. Believe it or not, there are a plethora of unreliable reviews floating about. This could be because folks have conspired to leave overly negative or overly positive reviews. Or because someone might have a personal issue with a business and wants to ruin its name publically. We’re not saying that you need to be a private investigator to figure out which online real estate school to attend. What we are saying is after you’ve collected the reviews, read them with a critical eye.

It should be clear after 15 or so the patterns that are emerging. You’re never looking for a school with 100% glowing reviews (they don’t exist), nor ones with 100% terrible reviews (they don’t exist). You want to weed out the outliers and focus in on the reviews in the middle.

Using Numerous Sources for Online Real Estate School Reviews in Iowa

As touched on above, seeking out reviews from multiple sources is a sure-fire way of weeding out the questionable reviews and getting at the heart of where you should be focusing on. A good rule of thumb is when a school in this instance appears on sites where reviews from distinct clients or interested parties can be found, that’s a positive sign. If you can only find information in one place, in a siloed manner, trust your gut and move on.~75 words on sources trustworthiness, multiple sources give better insight

Top 2 Iowa Online Real Estate Schools

Iowa online real estate schools have been graduating some exceptional agents over the last decade. Traditional schools ruled the roost for some time, but once online education took off and it was proven that an online-schooled agent was just as capable and productive as a traditionally-schooled agent, the whole sector flipped. Learning online is flexible, schedule-friendly, and a perfect way to jumpstart a six-figure career.

1. Mbition to Learn

Mbition to Learn Logo
4 stars

4/5 Rating (147 Reviews)

Mbition (formerly OnCourse Learning) has been a significant player in the online real estate schooling arena for some time now. Their experience is what sets them apart. In a way, you can think of Mbition as a major footwear company compared to the new and exciting upstart. While the upstart shoe brand might eventually vie for the “top spot,” you still need to conquer the top dogs and Mbition continues to evolve, which makes it one of Iowa’s premier online real estate schools, hands down.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the elephant in the room, according to online reviewers. Apparently, if you decide Mbition isn’t for you, leaving the program is a bit of a chore. Nothing overly difficult, but they do make you jump through some hoops. This is an odd thing to harp on, but more than one online reviewer mentioned it. It would be nice to see this process streamlined; only time will tell if Mbition agrees.

What Comes After You Finished Iowa Real Estate School Online

Gas up the engine, and get those brochures in place, a wide world of lucrative Iowa real estate clients await! This is true, but before you start wheeling and dealing, getting your hands on a license is a must. Once you pass the state final exam, you must apply for your license. Without that, six figures will dwindle to four or less.

Second, and nearly as important as your license, is your mentor-broker relationship. This person and/or entity is going to help you during those first couple of years. You’re not selling a million-dollar home out of the gates. Every successful agent had a successful mentor-broker relationship. Take care in cultivating this – you won’t regret it.