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If you don’t like the cold, stay away from Minnesota. While undoubtedly cold during the winter months, Minnesota has been marginalized based on comments like this. It’s a shame because Minnesota boasts some of America’s great cities. Their suburbs are beautiful, and the cold isn’t even a factor for eight months out of the year.

Minnesota Real Estate License Online Wide

People have turned the corner on Minnesota. Individuals and families are flocking to cities such as Orono, a west Twin City suburb, and Medina, northwest of Minneapolis. The real estate prices in both are booming. If you’re a real estate agent with excellent relationship skills and a persistent attitude, earning six figures annually in Minnesota is within reach.

Should You Take Courses Online or in a Classroom?

Real estate courses, in a traditional classroom setting, are readily available. They always have been. The principal advantage of a classroom setting is the instructor’s presence. Classmates are also next to you, thereby making the communication seamless.

However, despite the classroom advantage, some subjects can be easily instructed online. Real estate is one of them, principally because the student is learning concepts. There is not much group work, and the end goal is getting the student out into the real world, building their client portfolio, and selling homes.

Online Real Estate School Advantages

For aspiring real estate agents, two choices are available – classroom or online. If you’re considering starting classes in February in Minnesota, for example, online is an attractive offer because it is generally – 9 degrees outside. All joking aside, online courses are advantageous due to the elimination of the commute. Online courses eliminate the need to de-ice the car, put on a heavy coat, and drive in the snow to a classroom by bringing classes to the student in the comfort of their home. That sounds attractive, right? Cutting down on commuting also saves time. The average commute to class eats up 2 hours per day. It is expensive in terms of fuel costs and the opportunity cost of sitting in a car doing nothing.

Second, online classes are highly flexible. Most classes are recorded so that the student can take it according to their schedule. If the best time to take the lessons are from 6 AM to 8 AM and then again from 9 PM to 11 PM, that is possible with online real estate classes. The schedule and courses are designed to work for the student.

Minnesota Best Online Real Estate License Schools

The volume of online real estate classes in Minnesota is extensive. What began as a niche product, the market has exploded over the last five years. Like any industry, there are some excellent providers, and then those that aren’t so good. The consensus “Top 3” schools are Colibri Real Estate, The CE Shop, and Kaplan.

colibri logo 3 col
  • Starting at $384.60
  • Instructor Support
  • Pass or Don’t Pay

Affordable with expert faculty and 4 programs, Colibri Real Estate is a leader in Minnesota.

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  • Starting at la_ce-shop_mn_prelicense_price
  • Convenient
  • Fully Approved

The CE Shop is nationally recognized and supports students in every facet of the process.

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  • Starting at la_kaplan_mn_prelicense_price
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Six months to complete

Students have trusted Kaplan for MN real estate license school online for over a decade.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Minnesota Online

A career in real estate is just around the corner. But you’re not going to walk into selling a $500,000 home. Like anything, you’ll need to put in some work.

1. Meet Minnesota’s general license requirements

The first and only prerequisite in Minnesota is age. To begin attending classes, you must be at least 18 years of age. If you’re 17 with a real motor, check out some online resources and study up. Your 18th birthday is coming up!

2. Finish 90 hours of Minnesota real estate education

Before taking the Minnesota Real Estate License Exam, the Pre-Licensing phase (90 hours) is the first step. These 90 hours divide equally between three courses – I, II, and III. Course I is first, and Courses II and III are available either before or after the Real Estate License Exam. They ultimately need to be completed before formally applying for a Minnesota license.

Do note that you cannot take the exam unless you have completed Course I (30 hours).

3. Take and pass the real estate exam for MN

Here is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. You’ve completed Course I, and possibly Courses II and III. The Minnesota Real Estate License Exam is similar to other state real estate exams. The exam is 130 questions, and you have 4 hours in total. The exam is two parts, and each section has its specific time requirements. Part I is the general portion and must be completed in under 2.5 hours. Part II is 1.5 hours and is the state portion.

In preparation for the exam, the Colibri Real Estate exam prep kit is a highly advantageous tool. This kit provides an excellent background of the exam, the types of questions expected, and some tips and tricks to ace the test.

4. Find an active Minnesota broker to sponsor you

The best thing about real estate is the sector is full of excellent professionals with great suggestions to pass along. When looking for a mentor broker, be sure the person and firm have a good reputation both locally and nationally if applicable. Their commission fees should be straightforward, and plenty of marketing material provided to new agents.

A good mentor broker comes from a place where there is room to grow professionally. They should also be technologically up-to-date with current industry trends and best practices.

5. Complete and file a real estate license application for Minnesota

Remember, before applying, make sure to complete Courses II and III from the pre-licensing education section. The Commerce Department is the agency that approves license applications. Once that is complete, you are off to selling!

How Long Does It Take to Get a Minnesota Real Estate License?

The process of obtaining the license can take anywhere between 45 and 60 days. Completing Courses I, II, and III are the most time-consuming. Dedicating as much time as possible to these will accelerate the process considerably.~50 words sum up what the average person takes to complete the entire process

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