Mississippi Real Estate License Online

Career as a real estate agent or a realtor is not only fun and exciting, it is also significantly rewarding. Though it does require ambition and hard work, if you are good at it, you can reap amazing benefits and lucrative six-figure salaries. Your job revolves around helping people accomplish their goals by finding their dream homes. It certainly is a gratifying experience.

Mississippi Real Estate License Online

Realtors in Mississippi have a huge potential for growth. Even now, the market is very active and stable compared to NY or CA that are more volatile. If you are an individual who is aspiring to build a successful career for themselves as a real estate agent in Mississippi, you can start now by enrolling in a real estate course. Its a requirement that prepares you for the state licensing exam.

Is It Better to Get Your License Online or in a Classroom

To get your Mississippi Real Estate License, the requirement is to complete a minimum of 60 hours of approved real estate courses. These courses can be completed by enrolling in live classes or by taking real estate classes online.

Now is the time of digitization. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. It is also dominating the educational system by allowing the students to take their courses online from the comfort of their homes. Online education develops a more convenient and liberating environment where each learner progresses at his own pace. If you are a fast learner, you can take more classes and finish your course earlier. And if you want to progress at a slower rate, you are free to do that. Classroom learning does not offer this freedom.

Benefits of Online Real Estate School

Mississippi has a number of educational institutions that offer comprehensive real estate courses. You can enrol in live onsite classes, or you can apply for online courses. Choosing between onsite learning and online classes is the most difficult decision a student has to take. There are a number of schools in Mississippi that offer both forms of learning as a part of their real estate program.

While classroom learning is still a preferred method, here are some benefits of enrolling in an online real estate school.

No commute Studying in an online school offers you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home. Meaning you can get a quality education where ever you are without needing any sort of commute.

Flexibility Online classes enable you to set up a flexible schedule for yourself. It is difficult to fit classes around your job, and family schedules can sometimes be stressful too. When you enroll in an online real estate program, you can take classes whenever you want.

Content All of us have been once in a class where the teacher was unable to complete the learning material within the designated class period. The remaining material was covered in the next class, but the gap between the two classes certainly affects the overall learning. This never happens in online classes. They are designed to impart a complete lesson without missing content.

Mississippi Top Online Real Estate License Courses

Educational institutions at Mississippi offer a number of extensive online real estate courses to help you build a successful career. The variety of choices is enough to confuse anyone. To help you find a level footing to start your career, we have rounded up the top online real estate license courses in Mississippi. They offer a comprehensive curriculum online to prepare you for taking the state license exam.

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48 years of experience and thousands of successful students in Mississippi, we will help you succeed.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Mississippi Online

If you are aspiring to become a realtor in Mississippi, you have to complete the following steps to get your real estate license.

Meet the MS license requirements

Real estate licenses in Mississippi are issued by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC). The requirements are that you should be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Mississippi.

Complete approved real estate courses

The MREC requires you to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of MERC approved real estate courses. Several educational institutions offer comprehensive online real estate courses that you can enroll in. They provide you with all the crucial knowledge that is the crux of a successful career as a realtor. You can enroll in a number of programs at one time. But you have to have a minimum of 60 credit hours to apply for the license.

File your application for the license

Once you have completed the course requirements, you can apply for the license. Obtain the license application from MERC. Complete it and submit it along with a certificate of completing an online real estate course and the license fee of $75.

Take the Mississippi Real Estate License Exam

Once your application is approved, MERC will notify you of the time and date of your exam. The testing is conducted for the general and state portions. In order to qualify for the license, you have to score a minimum of 70% in the general section and 75% in the state portion of the exam.

Receive your license

Once you have passed the license exam, you will receive a temporary license that will last a year. Now you can start working under the supervision of a Mississippi realtor. You need to complete a 30-hour post-license course to receive your permanent salesperson license.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Real Estate License in Mississippi?

There is no fixed timeline to obtain a real estate license Mississippi. It all depends on a person’s ability and luck. MERC allows online applicants a maximum of 8 credit hours per day. So you cannot complete a course in less than eight days. Your evaluation test at the end of each course is not accessible before eight days of course initiation. The approval of a license application also takes time. Some applications are approved earlier, while others might take longer. All in all, if you use your time and efforts sufficiently, you will have your Mississippi Real Estate License in four to six weeks.

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