Missouri Real Estate License Online

The most important purchase in your life will be your home. There might be some other big-ticket items mixed in. But your home is not only where you will likely live for a large portion of your life. It is also highly valuable and something that appreciates over time.

Missouri Real Estate License Online

Real estate agents facilitate these purchases. They are trusted professionals tasked with an important job. Good real estate agents get to know their clients, and their clients trust them accordingly. The Missouri real estate market is full of valuable properties, active buyers and sellers, and a wealth of opportunities. A Missouri real estate agent is smartly poised to make well into the six figures. The opportunity to thrive is there, and a license to practice is all that’s required.

Should You Take Classes Online, or in Classroom?

There are plenty of real estate classes available in Missouri. Real estate as a career is always in high demand. However, now that the Internet has facilitated how we communicate, online courses have begun to emerge.

Yes, taking a class online is far different than in-person. Your professor, for one, is on video. Your classmates are also boxes on a screen. You miss that connection that can only come from sitting next to someone in real-time. With that said, online real estate classes are increasing in popularity. The advantages are clear, and people are opting out of the classroom and onto their laptops.

Advantages of Online Real Estate School

Does the following routine sound familiar? Wake up at 6:00, make breakfast, get your kid(s) ready for school, and are out the door. Spend the next hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic from 7:00 to 8:00. Work all day and are back in the car at 6:00. The next 1.5 hours is that same bumper-to-bumper traffic, but this time it’s an extra 30 minutes.

Commuting time is killing us all. It’s wasted time, and add those hours up over a year, and it’s a depressing reality. The first advantage of taking online classes is there is no commute. You can effectively eliminate those countless wasted hours. Time alone is the principal reason people are navigating to online courses.

The second reason online real estate classes are popular is flexibility. As a student, you can tailor your lessons and times to suit your schedule. If you can’t make a class at 11:00, it’s no problem. You connect when it’s convenient for you. There are a plethora of online schools to choose from, but only a few rise to the top.

Missouri Best Online Real Estate License Courses

The real estate market in Missouri is exceptional. An agent can make a great living, and this is no longer a secret. Online schools have been growing in popularity, but three are clear winners.

Mbition logo 3 col
  • Starting at $229.00
  • Convenient
  • Fully Approved

Mbition (formerly OnCourse) includes all the required real estate license classes for Missouri.

360 Training Real Estate Logo
  • Starting at $99.00
  • Self-paced format
  • Practice Exams

360Training has everything you need to get started in your career in Missouri real estate.

Mbition Real Estate has one of the most extensive selection of courses, and their faculty also receive rave reviews. 360 Training is an online school that continues to evolve year in and year out. They are known for their flexibility and affordability.

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in Missouri

Obtaining a real estate license online in Missouri is a direct and easy process. Regardless of the school you choose, the requirements to become a real estate agent in Missouri are standard.

Qualify for minimum age and fingerprint requirements

Now and again, you read stories of teenagers hitting it big in business. If you’re 16 and reading this, real estate is a lucrative career. But the first requirement in Missouri to get a license is to be 18 years of age. You’ll need to wait a couple of years, unfortunately.

Second, your fingerprints are needed. Fingerprinting is done with a statewide, pre-approved Missouri vendor.

Meet any of the Missouri requirements for real estate license education

Next, there are three avenues to obtaining your real estate license online. Each channel depends on whether this is your first time pursuing a real estate license, if you’re an attorney, or if you hold a valid license in another jurisdiction.

If this is your first time pursuing a license, there are two required courses – the Pre-Licensing course and the Missouri Real Estate Practice course. The former is 48-hours while the latter is 24-hours.

If you are an attorney, the education requirements get waived, and you move on to the Missouri salesperson examination. If you hold a license in another jurisdiction, you don’t need to take the Pre-Licensing course, but you do need to take the Missouri Real Estate Practice course.

Pass the Missouri examination for real estate licensing

The Missouri salesperson examination is a two-part test. There are a total of 140 questions, and the test divides into a national section (100 questions) and a state section (40 questions). Prepping for this exam does not take a lot of time, but the kit certainly helps to expedite the process and better prepare you for the test.

Submit the application for your real estate license

If this is your first time applying for the license, you need to submit your application in the first six months (after completing the 48-hour pre-exam course). For practicing attorneys, the application needs to arrive within six months of passing the exam. Anyone who has a valid license in another jurisdiction, you must also submit the application within six months of successfully passing the exam.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Missouri Real Estate License?

The 72-hour (Pre-Licensing and Missouri Real Estate Practice courses) course is by far the most time-consuming part of the process. Depending on your schedule and current commitments, this can take some time. However, if you can get through this in a reasonable amount of time, the entire process should not be over 45 days.

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