Nebraska Real Estate License Online

Starting a real estate career in Nebraska can be a dream-come-true to anybody willing to work hard and become successful. With the basic requirements in place, you can make it in the real estate industry.

The only major hindrance to starting your career is the lack of a real estate license. You can easily apply to get the license and start your career.

Nebraska Real Estate License Online

Nebraska provides a lucrative opportunity if you want to invest in the real estate industry. A real estate agent is one of the most lucrative jobs. With commitment and a little effort, a real estate agent’s take-home salary averages $72,000 annually.

Classroom VS. Online

You may decide to attend a classroom for your real estate Pre-license education or take the course online. It is a requirement to cover the minimum number of study hours and take the mandatory examination. You have to take note of your availability and convenience when making this crucial decision.

Studying online will give you the option of doing it anywhere you feel comfortable. When choosing the classroom option, on the other hand, you have to physically present yourself for all the lessons which are given by an instructor in a schoolroom setting.

Online Real Estate School Advantages

There are several advantages of getting your license online as compared to physically being in a classroom. The below might help you consider selecting the online option.

  • No commuting- studying online is more convenient for you since you don’t have to spend your time or money commuting to attend your classes.
  • Flexibility- studying online offers flexibility to the learner. You can take classes and course exams when you want.
  • Lower cost- studying online is much cheaper since you don’t necessarily have to pay for the instructor and other charges for attending a classroom. You also save on time and money that you would have otherwise used on commuting to class every other day.
  • Available resources – the online school offers training materials, tutorials and support from instructors through emails and online chats.

Best Nebraska Online Real Estate License Schools

There are many available online schools in Nebraska that offer real estate license courses and examinations. While selecting your online school, you have to ensure it offers the accredited programs and is recognized by the licensing commission to avoid getting into problems when submitting your exams.

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Van Education Centre, also known as VanEd offers the most popular real estate online Package.This package contains all the major programs in the first 60 credit hours recognized by the Nebraska real estate commission and ARELLO. It is one of the most trusted schools for online courses.

How to Get a Real Estate License in Nebraska Online

The state government has laid out requirements for anyone who wants to start a career in Real Estate in Nebraska. Ensure you have the following:

1. General requirements

  • Need to be 19 years old or above.
  • You will need a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or a legal alien.

2. Enroll and complete the Nebraska pre-licensing course

You must complete 2 approved 30-hour pre-license real estate courses for a total of 60 hours as required by the commission. Take note that if you are a member of the Nebraska Bar you are exempt from taking courses if you are in good standing.

3. Acquire a course completion certificate

The completion certificate is issued by a state-certified school. The certificate will be used as a basis for you to sit for the final examinations. You will only be issued with the certificate if the school is satisfied that you have completed the requirements of the school and are ready for the exam.

4. Submit an application

Once you have completed the required 60 hours and have been approved by the school, you will be allowed to make a formal application for the Nebraska real estate license. This application is submitted online and feedback will be sent by the commission.

5. Pass the background check

Candidates will submit 2 sets of fingerprints to the Criminal Identification Division (CID). The CID will send your fingerprints to the Nebraska State Patrol in Lincoln for verification. A $33 fee is applicable.

You can follow up and confirm if NREC has received your background report. Normally this takes about 17 days from the day of submission of the fingerprints.

6. Submit a written statement

You will need to provide a written statement to the real estate commission. The statement will explain any misdemeanor or felonies on your record. If you do not have any past criminal record and your background report comes out clean, then the commission will approve your application for the examination.

7. Pass the Nebraska real estate licensing exams

You have to complete and submit the proper paperwork before taking the exam. The next step is paying the application and exam fee. Otherwise you won’t be able to schedule your test date. PSI has four test sites to choose from, Lincoln, North Platte, Omaha, and Scottsbluff. NREC gives candidates up to 4 hours to complete the exam.

You’ve finished the classes, background checks, and application. The final step is passing the licensing exam. If you’ve done all the steps, studied the course work, the final test can be a challenge, but doable. If you don’t pass your first time, it’s okay. You can take the exam again, but there will be a $150 fee to retake it.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Nebraska Real Estate License?

The average time of getting your real estate license is between six and eight weeks. The commission has to complete an application before sending for collection of fingerprint samples and instructions. Meanwhile, the applicant should be working on their course. The time frame depends mainly on the criminal background check of the applicant.

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