Oklahoma Real Estate License Online

Known for its tagline, “Oklahoma is OK,” Oklahoma is a Midwest destination with a rich history and amazing people. Agriculture lies at its core, but Oklahoma is also home to major urban centers like Oklahoma City. Replete with notable universities, a host of multinational and national companies, and plenty of housing, Oklahoma real estate is vast and growing at a steady clip.

A real estate agent in Oklahoma can hit six figures per year with dedication and a good work ethic. There are seven-figure properties throughout the state and a host of six-figure properties that sell frequently. Regardless of your portfolio composition, great relationships, and tools to succeed, are all you need.

Oklahoma Real Estate License Online

Get Your License Online or in a Classroom?

Learning in a classroom is as American as apple pie. We all grew up this way, it’s familiar, and some of our best friends were made in classrooms. Classroom learning continues, and very well should. After all, classroom learning has its advantages. Teachers are immediately accessible, sharing is highly interactive, and multiple generations understand the same dynamic.

But once one reaches adulthood (18 and over), while classroom learning is still great, online education offers some other advantages.

The Benefits of Real Estate School Online

As an adult, commuting is a nasty reality of life. We have to commute to school, commute to work, commute to our grandparent’s house (not so bad), it’s a never-ending issue. Online learning can eliminate up to 2.5 hours in the car per day. Imagine what you could do during this time? Classes are one-hundred percent virtual, commute free, and stress-free.

Second, online learning is extremely flexible. Recorded classes provide students a plethora of options. If you want to log-on at 5 AM, that’s your prerogative. If 11:30 PM is more your style, online learning adapts to you. There aren’t many things in life this flexible. If you’re a budding real estate agent in Oklahoma, it’s time to take full advantage

Best Oklahoma Online Real Estate License Courses

There are some excellent choices of online real estate schools in Oklahoma. Many provide a great teaching experience, but two “rise above the (Oklahoma wheat) chaff.”

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CE shop has everything required to get an Oklahoma real estate license, including practice exams and prep.

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in Oklahoma

A real estate career in Oklahoma is within close reach. There are some hoops to jump through, but they’re minor. In fact, the academic part is quite interesting, as is finding a mentor broker. The whole process is far from boring, and you’ll want to get through it so you can jump into a lucrative career just around the corner.


Nearly every state requires you to be 18 years of age to apply for a real estate license. Some bump that up to 19. Almost all require applicants to be US citizens, a national or an alien authorized to work in the US. Oklahoma falls in line with these points as well.

However, this Midwest paradise brings one more pre-requirement to the table – be of good moral character. Yes, Oklahoma is putting it out there, and many have lauded them as a result. Who wants real estate agents running around with shoddy characters? They don’t serve buyers nor sellers any good. So if you’re going to apply, and know your character is not up to shape, sit this one out. But if you’ve got good moral character, then read on.

Oklahoma Pre-Licensing Education

The pre-licensing component consists of completing 90 hours of the Provisional Sales Associate online course. However, if you count on at least six college credit hours in a discipline aligned with real estate, or real estate specifically, you may be able to waive the 90-hour course. If your case is the latter, proof of completion of these credit hours is required. Completion of said hours must be within the previous 36 months before applying.

Broker Affiliation

Breaking into real estate without any contacts or someone to mentor you is a rough road. Nearly every school (online or otherwise) recognizes this. As such, built into the application process is having an approved broker affiliation signed on before you take the exam.

Note, this is not a pre-exam requirement, but rather a suggestion. Brokers are accustomed to mentoring prospective agents, helping them to cultivate a client base, providing much-needed marketing materials, and establishing clear commission bases. A good broker mentor is also someone well respected in Oklahoma and nationally (if applicable). Broker affiliation is not a pre-exam requirement but again, recommended.

Background Check

Every online school requires a background check. This consists of the submission of fingerprints. Later, the FBI, as well as the Commission to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations, reviews your record. The Real Estate Commission receives the results, and you will need them for the final application.

Oklahoma Real Estate License Exam

The full real estate exam is 120 questions. They’re segmented in a multiple-choice format, and the time limit to take the test is 3 hours. Of the 120 questions, 80 are on the national part, and 40 are on the state (Oklahoma) part. At least 75% of the questions answered correctly is required to pass.

Complete the Application

It is essential to complete and submit the application within 2.5 years (36 months) of having completed the pre-licensing education and exam. There are applicant fees of $41, but these can vary and change.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Oklahoma Real Estate License?

A dedicated student can finish the entire process in 5 weeks. Some have done this in 4, and many stretch on to 6 or 7. It all depends on how soon you want to start making big money in an energizing career. It’s all on you!

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